live bliss.

Our tag line embodies the core of our brand and is the driving force of our company’s mission. It provides an emotional benefit and establishes purpose and direction for the company.


Live Bliss describes a lifestyle that’s aligned with personal fulfillment and happiness. It can be fulfilled by the way you eat, sleep, work, live.

eat healthy. work happy.

Our slogan grounds our message and provides a tangible, functional benefit for the consumer. We promote healthy behavior in the workplace through healthy food, knowledge, and service.


We are serious about our mission, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. Everything that we do should lead to an expansion of joy whether it means momentary excitement or lasting contentment. OMG often brings a sense of discovery to people’s lives everyday. We love curating new experiences and spread love.

fun and quirky office meetings


We insist on a culture of openness to ensure both personal and team growth. We confront difficult conversations directly and keep our Community aware of our thoughts, concerns, and feelings. Transparency is key to collaboration and we thrive on new perspectives. We also value constructive feedback.

Weekly newsletter to highlight what is going on and make OKRs visible


Respect for others: Our community members and customers are our family, and we treat them as such. We believe we are all connected and what we give will be returned to us. Thus we find ourselves enjoying a harmonious and always willing to help OMG community. Listen to each other, care about each other, and understand each other.

Respect for self: Having respect also means to be in integrity with one’s word. Do what you say you are going to do. At the same time, we always take responsibility for our actions and act autonomously to enact positive change in the highest good of others. Be the shepherd of our future, own your future and goals. If you don’t who will?

#BLISS channel in Slack to highlight blissful moments (Bliss is...)


Trite but true; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Together we can move oceans, alone we are but a drop in the sea. We solve problems together, we dine together, we support each other, and we build together. We are a coherent and powerful community.


We constantly strive to improve ourselves. Our evolution is constant; we observe, question, solve and iterate. We are dedicated to delivering wellness to others and buoy those around us in the process. We identify our mistakes and iterate on feedback immediately. We take pride in our work and constantly reset our own goals and proactively take charge of new initiatives. Blaming others for our action or inaction is simply not in line with our culture.

Oh My Green’s Persona

Wellness and Happiness Ambassador

We understand the power of nutrition. We make it accessible and delicious.
Food connects people like families. We facilitate connection opportunities and accidental mingles in the work environment.
We believe in creating great experiences; our products and people deliver an authentic, warm and engaging environment.
Pure happiness can come from anywhere. It could be just from eating well, meditation, or your environment. We want everyone to live bliss.

Oh My Green’s Tone

Conversational and Confident

When one writes for the brand, it should be approachable, accessible and easy to understand. We should eliminate any potentially confusing, industry jargon (e.g. micro-kitchen). Anything we write should be fun and make people smile. 


As we are experts in our field, we should also exude confidence, share information with a strong point-of-view, and offer a fresh take — all while keeping it easy and conversational.

Oh My Green’s Humor

Witty bordering on funny

Everything that we do should lead to an expansion of joy, both internally and externally. We are serious about our mission, but don’t take ourselves too seriously.


Our messaging should be original, fresh, forward-thinking and creative. It can be experienced with an accent of sharp wit and clever writing. Anything we write should be conversational, fun and make people smile.

Example: Our Company Values
Fun, Openness, Respect, Collaboration, and Excellence spell out FORCE, which is a direct and lighthearted Star Wars reference.
“May the force be with you”

Jennifer Aaker

General Atlantic Professor of Marketing


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